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"It's great to have a place to come to where you know you're being taken care of, where everything being done is really in your best interest."
Cathy V.
"Wonderful, I really enjoyed getting my services done here. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable. The esthetician performed a micro[dermabrasion] and European facial the day of service, and I ...
Nena T.
Marianna, Thank you, thank you! Your line of AD [Age Defiance] products are the best I have ever used. Love, Erica
My skin is complimented on more than ever in my life. The products have changed my skin. I have developed new lifelong habits of how I take care of my skin. My whole family loves the products. My ...
Jan C.
"The best massage I have ever had."
Toby K.
"Wow! My rosacea is gone! Doctors told me for years, that they could only do so much. Thanks Marianna!"
Tori J.
I have tried so many different facial products over the years and nothing [made] a difference - my skin remain[ed] the same. [My] new products from Marianna's are making an actual difference for the ...
Kim G.
Always a treat coming in.
Juanita R.
Every Time I visit Marianna's I am always 100% satisfied, and not only do they treat my skin, they educate me about my skin. Their clean and natural products are literally the only products that ...
Teresa P.
I love this place!  Marianna is fantastic.
Lynette K.

Current Specials

Friday, September 21, 2018 is officially the first day of autumn – it is also International Day of Peace!

Fall symbolizes bountiful harvests, most notably of apples, all species      of apples. In celebration, Marianna’s Aesthetics & Spa is offering you a slice of sweet apple goodness…

Buy 1 Swiss Apple Stem Cell Elixir™

Get 1 CoQ10 Cellular Energizing Toner™ FREE!

Valid September 21-October 6, 2018. Limit 1 offer per person.


Swiss Apple Stem Cell Elixir™
A Revolutionary Technology — plant stem cells to protect skin stem cells and ensure the longevity of the cells. Clinical studies demonstrated Swiss apple stem cells’ age-delaying and anti-wrinkle effects. 

How it works:
According to the Oxford dictionary, an elixir prolongs life and protects against disease. Stem cells regenerate faster than other cells, and are essential to healing and repair from disease. Swiss Apple Stem Cell Elixir™ allows plant stem cells to preserve and protect skin stem cells through epigenetic factors (those that create new cells).

Benefits:                                                                                                                                Features:
·         Extends longevity of skin stem cells                                                                * Unique plant cell culture technology
·         Delays senescence of essential cells                                                                    • Concentrated, powerful formula
·         Combats chronological aging                                                                      • Sulfate-free, cruelty-free, paraben-free
·         Preserves the youthful look and the vitality of your skin                                  • Natural, plant-derived preservatives
·         Rich in phytonutrients, proteins, and long living cells                            • All the health and healing benefits of stem
·         Appropriate for all ages                                                                                         cells from purely botanical sources

The skin’s own stem cells lay dormant until they receive signals from the body to start the repair mode. The use of Swiss Apple Stem Cell Elixir stimulates the stem cell to split into two types of cells: a new, similar stem cell and a “daughter” cell, which is able to create almost every kind of new cell in a specialized system.

This means that the stem cell can receive the message to create proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids to help repair fine lines and wrinkles, while restoring and maintaining firmness and elasticity in the skin.

An Apple a Day!

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Money-Saving Express Facials

Budget-conscious students in want/need of skin care should inquire about our half-hour Express Facials; catered to your specific skin type, these treatments are an effective, yet affordable means of taking care of your skin. Remember, half of the battle is taking care of your skin on your own on a daily basis. As a first-time client, you will receive a 20% discount on products, when you purchase three or more home-treatment products on the day of your first visit.