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100% satisfied. Their clean and natural products are literally the only products that work on my sensitive skin. And not only do they work, but they work extremely well!
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Teresa P.
These products [AD. - Age Defiance] are the real deal.
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Kimberly H.
"I have received more compliments on my complexion than ever before, since I started using [Marianna's] Age Defiance peptides, serums, and creams."
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Cara R.
"Marianna's Age Defiance Purely Botanical Cleansing Gel is the only cleanser I can use on my extremely sensitive skin. During the 10 years I've had rosacea, I've tried so many products that were ...
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Devin B.
Marianna, Thank you, thank you! Your line of AD [Age Defiance] products are the best I have ever used. Love, Erica
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Great products.
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Holly P.
The Cucumber - Chamomile Gentle Face Cleanser is my favorite ever!  [It} also works very well as a makeup remover.
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Lindsey S.
My skin is complimented on more than ever in my life. The products have changed my skin. I have developed new lifelong habits of how I take care of my skin. My whole family loves the products. My ...
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Jan C.
"I have loved the PS. [Purify Solutions] line at Marianna's! Because of the salicylic acid solution, I no longer have to buy several prescription creams!"
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Carolyn B.
People often ask me what I use on my skin so I thought I'd share in case anyone is looking to change their products coming into the cold/dry season. I use a few different lines but this is the line I ...
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Portia S.

Age Defiance Regenerating Lightening Peptide Eye Cream

$44.50 each

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Manufacturer: Age Defiance - AD

Four all-star peptides headline this truly wonderful, multi-faceted eye cream, designed to battle eye puffiness, dark circles, crows feet, and rough and dehydrated skin around the eyes. In addition to the multiple peptides, a bevy of regenerating, nourishing, and brightening plant extracts, and minerals, complement this concoction to deliver a well-rounded, and highly effective eye cream for daily use. At 12% peptide content, this top-notch eye cream is multiple times more potent than many competing "luxury" products which have price points that are multiple times higher!

This is how the various peptides in our eye cream work for you:

Palmitoyl Peptide Complex - shown to reduce the appearance of dark circles under the eyes, and to promote firmness and tone in the eye area.

Natural Peptide - derived from the seeds of the Quinoa plant, this dual-acting superfood extract contains peptides that provide powerful performance to support the structural integrity of the skin. Visibly reduces under eye bags and puffiness.
Diminishes eyelid creases and folds to lift and reshape the eyes. Reduces eyelid roughness for ageless skin.

SYN-AKETM Peptide - this peptide, aptly named as it mimics the activity of snake venom, reduces the contraction frequency of muscle cells on the face, thereby decreasing the appearance of expression lines

Soy-Rice Peptide - has been shown in clinical studies to significantly reduce the appearance of dark circles & puffiness around the eyes.


Directions:  Apply to cleansed skin. Gently pat around areas of the eyes and mouth.

Made in U.S.A.

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