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"You are an angel! The best I’ve ever had. Thank you."
Great atmosphere - friendly, relaxing personnel.
Marianna, Thank you, thank you! Your line of AD [Age Defiance] products are the best I have ever used. Love, Erica
"It was so special to stop in and talk with you all when I visited Colorado. What you provide in your healing envirnment is a true gift to the community and to all of the people you encounter. I miss ...
Gina H.
[She] was fantastic - I learned a lot about my skin and how better to maintain it. It was my first time getting a peel - my skin looks great - thank you!
Marianna and staff rock!  Thank you
"Wow! My rosacea is gone! Doctors told me for years, that they could only do so much. Thanks Marianna!"
Tori J.
Such warm & helpful, embracing service. A lovely experience!
Thank you for the best massage that I have ever received! I really needed your years of love and talent. Thank you - again + again!
"[She] is the most amazing massage therapist I’ve ever been to. The service is also excellent each time I come in. Thank you."

Age Defiance Purely Botanical Cleansing Gel™ 4oz/120ml

$23.00 each


Manufacturer: Age Defiance - AD

Our best-selling Purely Botanical Cleansing Gel™ with natural fruit surfactant, and essential fatty acids, is perfect for thorough daily facial cleansing to remove impurities as well as makeup. Specifically designed to effectively cleanse for your face without stripping your skin of essential moisture, leaving you clean, but not feeling dry.

A gentle yet powerful cleanser enriched with a combination of Rose Hip Seed Oil, Olive Oil Castile, Seaweed, and Oil of Kumquat, our botanical face cleanser provides collagen-building Vitamin A, plus Vitamins C, E, and F for skin nourishment and protection every time you wash your face.

Contains no artificial colors, scents, or preservatives, and has only the delicate aroma of rose hips and kumquat. Made in U.S.A.


Gentle and thorough Cleansing. All-natural formula. Delivers age-defying nutrition to skin.Your skin is left feeling fresh and invigorated.