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One of the best estheticians I've ever had.
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I love this place!  Marianna is fantastic.
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Lynette K.
"I received a facial from Marianna the other day. I have received facial many times in my life. Marianna s hand/finger technique is divine! Her assessment of my skin is a way over the top. OMG! She ...
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Nina M.
Although I live in New York City, I have yet to find a spa with the same level of skin care expertise, professionalism, devotion, and loving care as Marianna's. A trip to Boulder isn't complete ...
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Daniel K.
"I have loved the PS. [Purify Solutions] line at Marianna's! Because of the salicylic acid solution, I no longer have to buy several prescription creams!"
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Carolyn B.
"It's great to have a place to come to where you know you're being taken care of, where everything being done is really in your best interest."
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Cathy V.
"It is personalized and expert service. They bring you to a level you don't think you can get from a spa. You don't feel like you're in a cookie cutter spa. It is a comfortable and fun place to be."
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Leslie O.
"You are an angel! The best I’ve ever had. Thank you."
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Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful
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Marianna's experience is evident in her core of knowledge of the skin.  Any inflammation of the skin is quickly remedied, and her line of [skin care] products are the only products I will ever ...
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Isabel M.

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Four Fat Flushing Foods

Four Fat Flushing Foods

Well, we all know that Boulder is continually ranked the #1 healthiest, slimmest, and fittest city in the country, by numerous reports. However, as Thanksgiving approaches, most of us wish to shed a couple of pounds before we start indulging in holiday feasts (or getting a bikini-ready body for that winter vacation).

Here are four of our favourite fat-burning foods and spices to include in your diet:

Green Tea

Catechins in green tea are fat burning enzymes (lipases), so even if you are caffeine-intolerant, you will still gain benefit from drinking green tea...not to mention the antioxidant values that green tea is so high in. Of course caffeine has a thermogenic fat-burning benefit on its own.

Hot Red Pepper

All hot peppers —jalapeño, habañero, Scotch bonnet, Serrano, etc.— are loaded with capsaicin, which is known to increase metabolism by influencing the activity of calcium channel proteins in the cell membrane. Capsaicin is known to be a natural appetite suppressant, too.

Bitter Orange

bitter orange

You can find this as an oral supplement and in juice form. It is both a thermogenic metabolic stimulant and an appetite suppressant. By virtue of high concentrations of p-syneprine it increases lipolysis – the breakdown of fats.



Rich in the carotenoid facoxanthin, seaweed increases metabolic rates and affects the satiety center of the brain, in so reducing appetite. Sushi, here I come!

There seems to be some correlation with ingredients that both boost metabolism and affect satiety. More to come…

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Dermal Exfoliation

Dermal Exfoliation

As autumn is upon us, and the leaves begin to turn color and drop, so too is it the season for deeper skin exfoliation and renewal. Exfoliation is essential to maintaining healthy, beautiful skin, not just for your face, but also for all over your body.

We all know that, on a daily basis, our body’s largest organ sheds thousands of skin cells. As we age, the natural exfoliation process needs extra help to keep skin fresh, supple, and youthful.

Did You Know?

In the era of the ancient Egyptians they exfoliated the skin using abrasive tapes made from alabaster, honey, and sour milk. They then further abraded the skin with finely ground sand to keep it silky smooth.

Exfoliation 2013

Today, we have three broad categories of skin exfoliation to utilize:  mechanical, chemical, and physical. Yup, chemistry class all over again.

Mechanical exfoliation may be done by electronic equipment, such as microdermabrasion machines, by resurfacing abrasive creams or lotions, or by ultrasonic cleansing brushes or other hand-held devices.

Microdermabrasion gained wide popularity in the 1990’s and to this day is an important part of seasonal skin health. There are many types of crystals and mechanical specifications, leading to varying degrees of comfort and effectiveness.

Chemical exfoliants include enzymatic digestion products, gommages, and chemical peels. Methode Physiodermie’s Biogommage is an excellent example of a product that combines enzymatic digestion (papain enzyme from papaya) and gommage, which you rub off when semi-dry.

Non-medical chemical peels emerged in the 1990s with a safe version of glycolic acid, followed by several other AHAs, Jessner, and TCA peels. There are chemical peels to correct skin conditions ranging from acne scars to hyperpigmentation, and aging as well as for general skin refreshment.

Physical exfoliation is performed by laser. Compared to medical lasers, our fractional laser is far gentler and affords you no down time en route to beautiful, new skin! Click here to see our October laser specials!

Many thanks,


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Seven Skin Foods

Seven Skin Foods!

The cold weather is behind us (finally!), so it’s time to talk about exfoliation to shed rough skin, and to celebrate the rebirth of nature with fresh, glowing skin.

Please look for our article on exfoliates in the near future. Meanwhile let’s start with inside-out beauty. What you eat daily has a natural impact on your skin, which of course is our body’s largest organ. It only makes sense that we are what we eat.

“The right foods in your diet can help you put your best face forward–literally!” says registered dietitian and healthy living expert Corinne Dobbas, MS, RD. These eats can help your skin glow from the inside out. Ultimately, “the right combination of ‘beauty foods’ allows your skin to stay moisturized and supple, blemish free, and appear radiant for the summer months,” Dobbas adds.

Certain foods help eliminate damaging free radicals, promote collagen and elastin formation and protection, diminish blemishes, and reduce inflammation. They are loaded with important antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C, zinc, selenium, vitamin A, and vitamin E.

Here are a few of our favourites “Skin Foods”…And don’t forget to drink plenty of water.

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Healing Light - Numerous Effects of LED Therapy

Courtesy of: NASA's Space Operations Mission Directorate, Published by NASAexplores: April 19, 2001

Farmers, doctors, patients, and astronauts are all reaping the benefits of experiments with light energy. What began as a way to grow better crops has ended up being a way to help seriously ill patients recover faster.


It started with Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) developed by NASA Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama and Quantum Devices, Scientists exposed plants aboard the Space Shuttle to the near-infrared light produced by LEDs. They found that the LEDs increased the energy produced in the mitochondria (energy compartments) of each cell. That meant the cells grew faster. Faster-growing plants are good news for farmers; the faster the plants grow, the sooner they can be harvested, processed, and sold.

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