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Always a treat coming in.
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Juanita R.
These products [AD. - Age Defiance] are the real deal.
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Kimberly H.
"Marianna's Age Defiance Purely Botanical Cleansing Gel is the only cleanser I can use on my extremely sensitive skin. During the 10 years I've had rosacea, I've tried so many products that were ...
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Devin B.
I love this place!  Marianna is fantastic.
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Lynette K.
"It is personalized and expert service. They bring you to a level you don't think you can get from a spa. You don't feel like you're in a cookie cutter spa. It is a comfortable and fun place to be."
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Leslie O.
One of the best estheticians I've ever had.
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"Wow! My rosacea is gone! Doctors told me for years, that they could only do so much. Thanks Marianna!"
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Tori J.
"I travel distances to see you…no question…you’re the best in all your disciplines".
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Michele B.
Great atmosphere - friendly, relaxing personnel.
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"I have loved the PS. [Purify Solutions] line at Marianna's! Because of the salicylic acid solution, I no longer have to buy several prescription creams!"
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Carolyn B.

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How To Beat Skin Damage Caused by Winter Sun & Wind

As winter rolls around it is just as important as ever to maintain your skin care routine, including sunscreen. Even though you’re more covered up in the winter you are still at risk of sun and wind damage, especially if you participate in outdoor winter sports.

Moisturize and protect every day

Decreases in humidity induced by cold temperatures deplete the moisture from our skin, making it that much more important to keep skin hydrated. Oil-based products (such as our Botanical Dry Skin Serum) and nourishing moisturizers will give your skin an extra-protective layer. Check out our “Essentials of Skin Care – Moisturizer” blog post for more information on moisturizing! Additionally application of a quality Vitamin C serum, which is a free-radical-fighting antioxidant, before you go out will serve very well in protecting your skin from sun damage.

Why you need sunscreen in the winter:

UVA and UVB rays do not hibernate and continue to damage your skin during colder months. UVB rays are more intense in the summer but UVA rays (the ones that make you tan but also lead to wrinkles!) are present at consistent levels throughout the year, so you can't slack off come wintertime. Look for products labeled "broad spectrum" to protect from both types of UV exposure. Reapply frequently.

*We always suggest high-quality sunscreen that is non-comedogenic (does not clog your pores) or allow chemicals to damage your skin. Here at Marianna’s we carry COOLA, a quality, clean sunscreen product.


Take extra care on the mountain

High-altitudes mean higher risk of sun damage as UV rays are stronger. Says Bruce A. Brod, M.D., clinical professor of dermatology at the University of Pennsylvania, "As a comparison, one hour on the slopes in Colorado is like spending an hour on the beach in the summer." Drinking water throughout the day (in addition to plentiful moisturizing) will help keep your skin hydrated. Don’t forget your lips when applying SPF. Cover up with masks, googles and earmuffs to protect your skin from wind damage. According to, wind can reduce the natural sun protection in your skin, letting more of the sun’s UV rays penetrate and cause damage.

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